Thursday, May 18, 2006

Way too long without a post...

That's because nothing ever happens here. Until today. I still can't believe I did this. My husband needed help at work (remember, he's a funeral director), and I wound up styling a dead lady's hair. It was so totally weird. Oh, and then putting on her earrings - cold earlobes are just gross. Ick, ick, ick. Now the hubster wants me to go to school to get a funeral director's license. I don't think that's gonna happen - I'm not driving an hour and a half to go to school - I just got out of one big city, and I don't want to deal with any more traffic in another. Maybe if there's a distance learning course, but driving into the city - hell, no. I just had to drive into town for a urine test for a job, and that was enough traffic to last me quit a while.

Watching hubby put makeup on a dead lady was really weird, too. Not like regular makeup, more like greasepaint, slapping it on with a big brush. And did you know that they glue dead people's lips shut with superglue? I didn't until today - when hubby was in school, the textbook explained how to sew them shut, but I guess gluing is faster (and way less gross - you really don't want to know how the sewing-shut process works). And if there are any gaps after the gluing, it gets filled in with some pinkish glue called lip wax. Oh, the whole thing was just surreal. I've been weirded out all day. Still, I guess it was the most exciting thing that's happened since we moved, unless you count the day the raccoons got into the garbage.

I finally got another job, this time working from home taking calls for a department store's credit card customers. I start training in a few weeks. It's not much money, but I get to work in my pajamas, which has long been a goal of mine ;-) I might also work part-time at some of the funeral homes for hubby's boss, clerical stuff and passing out tissues at visitations (and probably more dead lady hair). Still waiting to hear back on that possibility. The housewifey stuff is OK, but really, it does not take all of my time to clean house and cook dinner, and I can only play The Sims for so long.


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