Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Woohoo! Modern conveniences!

Well, the landlord finally sent over an electrician, so now we have phone wiring - no more wires through the window to connect the phone. And they installed a bunch of grounded outlets for me, so I don't have extension cords running all over the house anymore. That's great - I was so tired of stepping on or tripping over all those cords.

We still have boxes everywhere, and the living room furniture needs to be rearranged. And the room that will become our game/craft/etc room is still just piled high with homeless furniture and (surprise) more boxes. We have entirely too much stuff. I still can't believe how hard it is for us to fit into this house - we got rid of our dining room furniture, and one whole bedroom worth of furniture, and a garage full of miscellaneous stuff, and we still don't have enough room for all of our stuff. There are almost 30 boxes of books piled up behind my dining table, nowhere to put any bookcases, though. Boxes and boxes of dvds and vhs tapes - nowhere to put them either. I'm sure we'll figure something out eventually, but for now, all these boxes are driving me crazy. (There's always something driving me crazy, isn't there?)


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