Sunday, March 05, 2006

The new house

Yesterday my son and I drove out to the new house armed with a variety of household cleaners and tools, and spent all day cleaning. It was just filthy. The bathroom was especially gross - I was scraping a crust of dried piss off the outside of the toilet. There's room to plug in one thing on the kitchen counter, so I guess some days will be toaster day and some will be blender day.

Once the floors were mopped, they looked pretty good. Most of them are hardwood, which I like - lots easier to sweep up dog hair than to vacuum it. And the dogs will be spending much less time in the house anyway, since I think our landlord will be an asshole about it.

I got some really good news the other day...the estimate on the carpet and flooring in the old house is half what I expected, so we are saving enough there to get the counters and tubs refinished. If we haven't sold the house in six months, we might try to get a transfer to another funeral home in Houston and just move back in to our new and improved house.

I just can't believe how much work this is. I had no idea we had so much shit that we just aren't using at all. There is a huge (and getting huger) pile of stuff in the garage for the charity pickup on Wednesday. Anything they don't take, I'll have to pay a junk man to haul off. We are keeping most of the books and movies and stuff, but there is still just so much stuff. I drink wine maybe twice a year - why do I have 3 dozen wine glasses? I don't even recognize some of this stuff. And I found a bag of clothes I've had since high school - why have I kept this crap? Does anybody have a cure for packratism?


Blogger Sean said...

There is no cure for packratism. We got lucky when we got rid of a bunch of our stuff at our old house - some new po' people had just started renting the house next door, so just about everything we put on the curb went right into their front door.

Your doggies might enjoy the country, so that outside business might not be so bad. I have GOT to get a fence soon - my dog has upsized since you last saw her, and she's getting to be too rambunctious to stay inside. I'm sure the cats will thank us :-)

3/05/2006 11:23 PM  

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