Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Moving soon...

Well, we are moving out to the country soon, maybe less than two weeks. We got the only house in town that had a fence and big enough rooms. I don't like the house very much, so we only got a six month lease. Good thing, too - I just realized today that there's no dishwasher or garbage disposal. I can't figure out why my landlord went to all the bother and expense of putting central AC and heat in an such old house, and skipped putting in a dishwasher and garbage disposal (which can be done really on the cheap)? I think I'd be happier with window units and space heaters, if I had the most basic of all kitchen necessities. Am I just spoiled? And did I mention that except for the parts that have been repainted, the place it absolutely filthy. I'll be scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom down with bleach, and all but two rooms need to be mopped. Those two need to be vacuumed. All of the cabinets and drawers, which are built-in to the living room, bathroom, one bedroom and kitchen have been freshly painted, over $DEITY knows how many layers of old paint, so nothing will shut properly. There are four doors to the outside - I'm putting furniture in front of two of them and just pretending they aren't there. And after all the cleaning, I'm spraying bug spray EVERYWHERE.

It's not all bad. I'll be able to keep almost all of my furniture. The dining room table will be in the shed (which is huge) awaiting refinishing and new seat covers. I'll also have room in the shed to strip, bleach and refinish my kitchen table. We can get cable and broadband, and our house is just a few blocks from kid's school, a few blocks from hubby's work, right around the corner from church - we are going to be putting a whole lot less miles on the cars.

Getting the old house sold is going to cost a fortune. Just the painting job is going to be almost $5000. Still waiting on the estimate for the floors and countertops and refinishing the bathtubs. But, I'll do just about anything to get this house sold quickly.


Blogger Sean said...

That is great news!!! It should only take a couple of months for the poison of Houston to seep out of your pores :-)

We've got a countertop, eco-friendly automatic dishwasher that we're not using. Won't hold the big stuff, but does a good job on tableware. Just gotta figure out a way to get it to you :-)

3/05/2006 9:23 AM  

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