Saturday, March 11, 2006

Getting ready to move

The phone's still not turned on at the new house, nor the cable, internet service, or gas. People are scheduled to come over on the 17th to do all those things. We will be at the new house on the 16th. It is going to suck, at least until I get my internet connection back on.

This is such hard work. We disassembled the dogs's kennels today. The bottoms of the kennels are covered with plastic decking over sand. The deck pieces all had to be dug out of the sand so they can be scrubbed down. We found two of the most disgusting slugs ever under one of the panels. They were semi-translucent, with a mossy green pattern. Looked like animated boogers. Bleh.

I still have a ton of stuff to pack, and only 4 days left to do it in. I don't understand how we accumulated so much stuff. I've donated a ton of stuff. More than half the garage was full of this stuff. A junk company is coming on the 20th for anything that's left.

Somehow during all this packing and sorting, my iron has gone missing. I cannot figure out how I managed to misplace a steam iron. I'm sure it will turn up as soon as I buy a new one.


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