Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Woohoo! Modern conveniences!

Well, the landlord finally sent over an electrician, so now we have phone wiring - no more wires through the window to connect the phone. And they installed a bunch of grounded outlets for me, so I don't have extension cords running all over the house anymore. That's great - I was so tired of stepping on or tripping over all those cords.

We still have boxes everywhere, and the living room furniture needs to be rearranged. And the room that will become our game/craft/etc room is still just piled high with homeless furniture and (surprise) more boxes. We have entirely too much stuff. I still can't believe how hard it is for us to fit into this house - we got rid of our dining room furniture, and one whole bedroom worth of furniture, and a garage full of miscellaneous stuff, and we still don't have enough room for all of our stuff. There are almost 30 boxes of books piled up behind my dining table, nowhere to put any bookcases, though. Boxes and boxes of dvds and vhs tapes - nowhere to put them either. I'm sure we'll figure something out eventually, but for now, all these boxes are driving me crazy. (There's always something driving me crazy, isn't there?)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What I learned today

Today I learned that if the front door is open and the bathroom door is open, you can see across the street from my bathroom, if you are standing in the place you would be standing if you stood up from the potty to pull up your pants. I discovered this because hubby walked in while I was doing my business, and left the door open upon his exit. I hate this house.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Moving sucks

I can't believe how much it sucks. I meant to post something the night before we moved, and didn't get around to it til now. We moved last Thursday. The truck the moving company sent wasn't big enough, but I was lucky enough to have a friend around who could drive a UHaul with the stuff that didn't fit in the big truck. I had a lot more boxes than we first estimated when ordering the truck.

Anyway, we got everything loaded into two trucks, and I packed two dogs (one dog was already with hubby) and the kid in the car. We had a two hour drive, and the UHaul and I got there about the same time. The moving guys called from a gas station needing directions to the house, and I told them to wait there and they could follow me to the house. So, I left the kid at the house, and my friend and I got in the car to go find the movers. Just as pulled away from the curb, my German Shepherd took a huge shit on the back seat, which made my friend start puking out the window. And then the movers weren't at the gas station - they called again, they were at the house.

So I wasn't in the house when they started unloading - I was outside cleaning dog shit off the leather seats and seat belt in my car. I shouldn't have bothered labelling the boxes - the movers just put them anywhere. I got inside in time to get most of the furniture in the right rooms, but there are boxes everywhere. The only room that is fully functional right now is the laundry room. Oh, and the dog kennels are setup. I can't find anything.

I didn't notice until the night we moved in that none of the electrical outlets in the kitchen or bedrooms are grounded. So, no computer, no freezer, no microwave. I did manage to run an extension cord from a grounded outlet in another room, so I got the computer running (Time Warner wouldn't set up my modem without it, of course). The landlord is supposed to send someone over tomorrow to install some grounded outlets. And to add an outlet to the bathroom - there's no electricity in there now.

The phone company came out the day after we moved to hook up my phone, and that's when I found out that the house isn't even wired for phones. There are jacks, and there might be wires in the attic or under the house (where Verizon won't go), but every wire on the exterior of the house was removed when it was remodeled. So we have one working phone jack, via a cord coming in through a window. The guy adding the outlets is supposed to hook up a few phone jacks, too.

I had to go back to the old neighborhood today to wrap up a few things, and I *thought* to get the house ready for the painters that would be coming next week. However, when I got there, the painters had been at work for hours. That meant that the tile guy couldn't start working today, and the tub/counter refinishers might not be able to start until the tile guy is done. He might get done in time - the refinishers are supposed to start on Thursday. I totally was not expecting the painters today, and while their early arrival saved me a lot of unnecessary work, they threw off my schedule completely. The tile guy left without doing anything. The oven & microwave installers had to do all their work with painters underfoot.

I had some guys in hauling off our old junk, too, everything the charity wouldn't take before we moved. While they were taking the old refrigerator out, they forgot to disconnect the ice maker. So water sprayed everywhere, which made one of the junk guys jump, slip and fall into a freshly textured wall. He got wet texture all over his uniform and in his hair. That was sort of funny, but I felt sorry for him, too. I know his partner was giving him shit about it, and the painter who had to redo the wall was cussing in Spanish the whole time he worked. I'm not sure what he was saying, but you could tell it was cussing. Vigorous cussing - I'm sure it made baby Jesus cry.

And did I mention that while all this was going on, I was restoring some ceramic tile in the entry, scrubbing at the old grout with some sort of stinky acid that has totally dried out my hands - I should have kept the gloves on, but they kept getting in the way. Anyway, the tile looks great and once it was done, I picked up the kid's paperwork at school. I got the junk hauled off and the appliances installed. I returned the cable boxes and modem. I did some shopping. It was one helluva busy day, and even after a bath, I still feel sore and itchy. Moving sucks.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Getting ready to move

The phone's still not turned on at the new house, nor the cable, internet service, or gas. People are scheduled to come over on the 17th to do all those things. We will be at the new house on the 16th. It is going to suck, at least until I get my internet connection back on.

This is such hard work. We disassembled the dogs's kennels today. The bottoms of the kennels are covered with plastic decking over sand. The deck pieces all had to be dug out of the sand so they can be scrubbed down. We found two of the most disgusting slugs ever under one of the panels. They were semi-translucent, with a mossy green pattern. Looked like animated boogers. Bleh.

I still have a ton of stuff to pack, and only 4 days left to do it in. I don't understand how we accumulated so much stuff. I've donated a ton of stuff. More than half the garage was full of this stuff. A junk company is coming on the 20th for anything that's left.

Somehow during all this packing and sorting, my iron has gone missing. I cannot figure out how I managed to misplace a steam iron. I'm sure it will turn up as soon as I buy a new one.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The new house

Yesterday my son and I drove out to the new house armed with a variety of household cleaners and tools, and spent all day cleaning. It was just filthy. The bathroom was especially gross - I was scraping a crust of dried piss off the outside of the toilet. There's room to plug in one thing on the kitchen counter, so I guess some days will be toaster day and some will be blender day.

Once the floors were mopped, they looked pretty good. Most of them are hardwood, which I like - lots easier to sweep up dog hair than to vacuum it. And the dogs will be spending much less time in the house anyway, since I think our landlord will be an asshole about it.

I got some really good news the other day...the estimate on the carpet and flooring in the old house is half what I expected, so we are saving enough there to get the counters and tubs refinished. If we haven't sold the house in six months, we might try to get a transfer to another funeral home in Houston and just move back in to our new and improved house.

I just can't believe how much work this is. I had no idea we had so much shit that we just aren't using at all. There is a huge (and getting huger) pile of stuff in the garage for the charity pickup on Wednesday. Anything they don't take, I'll have to pay a junk man to haul off. We are keeping most of the books and movies and stuff, but there is still just so much stuff. I drink wine maybe twice a year - why do I have 3 dozen wine glasses? I don't even recognize some of this stuff. And I found a bag of clothes I've had since high school - why have I kept this crap? Does anybody have a cure for packratism?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Moving soon...

Well, we are moving out to the country soon, maybe less than two weeks. We got the only house in town that had a fence and big enough rooms. I don't like the house very much, so we only got a six month lease. Good thing, too - I just realized today that there's no dishwasher or garbage disposal. I can't figure out why my landlord went to all the bother and expense of putting central AC and heat in an such old house, and skipped putting in a dishwasher and garbage disposal (which can be done really on the cheap)? I think I'd be happier with window units and space heaters, if I had the most basic of all kitchen necessities. Am I just spoiled? And did I mention that except for the parts that have been repainted, the place it absolutely filthy. I'll be scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom down with bleach, and all but two rooms need to be mopped. Those two need to be vacuumed. All of the cabinets and drawers, which are built-in to the living room, bathroom, one bedroom and kitchen have been freshly painted, over $DEITY knows how many layers of old paint, so nothing will shut properly. There are four doors to the outside - I'm putting furniture in front of two of them and just pretending they aren't there. And after all the cleaning, I'm spraying bug spray EVERYWHERE.

It's not all bad. I'll be able to keep almost all of my furniture. The dining room table will be in the shed (which is huge) awaiting refinishing and new seat covers. I'll also have room in the shed to strip, bleach and refinish my kitchen table. We can get cable and broadband, and our house is just a few blocks from kid's school, a few blocks from hubby's work, right around the corner from church - we are going to be putting a whole lot less miles on the cars.

Getting the old house sold is going to cost a fortune. Just the painting job is going to be almost $5000. Still waiting on the estimate for the floors and countertops and refinishing the bathtubs. But, I'll do just about anything to get this house sold quickly.