Sunday, February 19, 2006

A little more drama this week, but all ends well

The hubster had to go to Kentucky early last week because his grandfather passed away. It was very sad, but not unexpected as he'd been in failing health for some time. At least hubby got a chance to see his relatives for a while. The really sucky part of the whole thing was trying to get a flight to Kentucky - if you think the airlines give a great discount for compassion fares, think again. We saved maybe $100 on the ticket. If we'd had two weeks notice to buy the ticket, it would have been $257 roundtrip. Last minute compassion fare - $779! Thanks, Continental - I really appreciate your somewhat dubious compassion.

Driving to the airport has to be one of my least favorite things to do, but there was no getting out of it. So one trip to the airport on Monday, another on Wednesday. Then it was time for hubby's weekend off. He called to talk to his boss on Friday, and he was unavailable - because the boss was busy getting fired, and the gossip is that it was for sexual harassment of several female employees! Sexual harassment, in a funeral home - that just seems so icky to me. Still don't know what this means to hubby's job, except he'll probably be getting a lot of overtime now. He's got less than a month til he gets his funeral director/embalmer licenses. He might get transferred to another funeral home once he gets the license, still out in the country, but closer to where we want to be, which would be cool. Anyway, we are in wait-and-see mode. If we can't find a place to rent out there, he'll probably try to transfer to one of the company's funeral homes here in Houston.

I had a lot of drama today. I was just chillin' on the computer, and my German Shepherd started going berserk in the backyard right outside my window. I looked out, and I could see another dog scratching at our gate. I went out to chase the dog off, and it was a huge pit bull with a chain and padlock around its neck. It wasn't just scratching at the gate - it was *chewing* the gate. So I hauled my ass back into the house before I attracted the dog's attention. A bunch of neighborhood kids were playing at my house, and they said they knew where the dog lived, and one of the kids ran down the street to tell the owners that their dog was loose, but they weren't home. Kid comes back to my house, and next thing I know, this devil-dog was at my front door, this time driving my little dog into a frenzy. I couldn't even open the front door to chase it off. Called animal control, only to find out that they only work regular business hours. Well, I wasn't gonna be trapped in my house by a damn dog, so I called the cops. It took them hours to get here, and by then the dog was gone. The deputy sorta treated my like I was a nervous ninny. I told him that one of the kids would show him where the dog lived, so they walked down the block and the dog was there - and it charged the cop. Next thing I know he's pulled his gun out, sent the kids running back to my house and called for backup. Two more police cars showed up in seconds, and one of the cops was pulling out a rifle or shotgun or whatever it is they keep in the trunk, and that's when the dog's owner showed up. The dog took off running, wouldn't respond to the owner's commands, and the cops all jumped back in their cars to chase it. I don't know if they caught it or not, but if I see that fucker in my yard again, I'm more than half-tempted to shoot it myself. I guess I've made an enemy of one of my neighbors now, but that's just too damn bad. We have leash laws for a reason. I know a lot of people think pits are just like any other dog, that they're perfectly safe if you train 'em, but I call bullshit on that - this dog is rowdy and vicious and obviously untrained. I think I'm gonna call the sheriff tomorrow and find out just what the ramifications would be if I did shoot the dog. I could shoot a burglar threatening my life or property, why should it be any different if the perp is a dangerous animal?


Blogger Sean said...

Man if you're going to be so icky as to get all sexed up in a funeral home, you might as well go the extra mile and do it with the DB's. Last time I checked, they aren't sueing anybody.

2/23/2006 8:21 AM  

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