Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not much going on...

It's been pretty boring lately, nothing to blog about. My youngest went off on his first trip away from home without family last weekend. It was a church thing, so I knew he'd be fine, but I still missed him terribly. Especially when I had to take care of the dogs in the morning. He was tired and filthy when I picked him up Sunday evening - said he just didn't have time to take a shower the whole time he was there. Bleh - boys his age are just so funky. I'll be glad when he starts to take a little more interest in personal hygiene!

The gastroparesis is a lot better. I'm only nauseated for a few hours after I eat, instead of all the time, and it's not completely incapacitating like it was at first. Good thing, too - I'm sure my boss is getting tired of me leaving early all the time.

Hubby's really enjoying his new funeral director gig out in the country. It's about 2 hours away and he should get to come home every other weekend. People don't usually give you 2 hourse notice before they die, so he had to rent an apartment there. He took one of the dogs with him so he wouldn't be so lonely. Now I know for sure which dog can't stay out of the wastebaskets - and he's got her, so less mess for me!

Like I said, it's been pretty boring....


Blogger ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Boring can sometimes be good. :-)

That's great about hubby's job, and I hope things work out such that y'all can be together soon. I've missed your blog so much, but have been in a retarded funk lately; Zoloft seems to be helping.

(take care),

11/08/2005 7:09 PM  

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