Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm back!

But just long enough to say Hi. For a change, I've actually been terribly busy at work, instead of just trying to look terribly busy. I'm still doing essentially useless stuff, but at least the time goes by quicker.

I did have a few minutes of downtime earlier, and amused myself playing with the numerous toys on my desk. My favorite is a can of "Smart Mass" from, which is like Silly Putty for grown-ups. So, I'm sitting at my desk, idly playing with the gooshy Smart Mass while I read email. When one of my cow-orkers stopped by for a chat, I just stuck the Smart Mass to my desk and kept fiddling with it with one hand. I noticed that Ms. Cow-orker had a weird look on her face, but I didn't pay it any mind. Until she left my office, that is. That's when I realized that I had, completely inadvertently, sculpted the Smart Mass into the shape of a penis. So while we were chatting, I was jacking off a gooey green dick. Incidents like this probably explain why I don't get invited out to lunch more often.


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