Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Big hazard

I can't believe what I just did to myself. I was sitting sort of on the edge of my chair, digging through a file drawer behind my desk. I opened my desk drawer to get a paper clip, turned back to my files and the phone rang. So, I spun the chair around and grabbed for the phone. Too fast...I slipped off the edge of the chair, hit the desk with my chest, and managed to shut the desk drawer on both of my boobs. Owowowowow! I'm supposed to report every injury, no matter how minor, but there's no way I'm going down to HR with this one. Especially since my last reported injury was a huge bruise on my ass that happened when I tried to wheel around the server room in a chair with a broken caster. I tried to keep that one under wraps, too, but unfortunately the loud crash when the chair flipped over backwards brought several folks running in. Very embarassing to be found flat on one's back in ruins of a broken chair. Oh well, we did get new chairs for the server room after that.

This isn't even my first on-the-job boob injury, either. About 16 years ago, I shut metal cashbox on one of my nipples - I actually had to go to the doctor for that one. It swelled up a lot and hurt really bad, huge blood blister. It was sort of fun trying to explain that one to my boss at the time...he got more embarassed than I did, turning completely red at the mere mention of "nipple". I got two days off, no questions asked ;-)


Blogger Sean said...

that sounds udderly painful!!


thanks folks, I'm here all week, try the veal!

11/10/2005 12:22 PM  

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