Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another weekend almost over....

This is usually my favorite weekend of the year, since I get that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. But Saturday night, our Jack Russell terrier started fussing and whining to get out of her crate and hubby let her sleep in the bed with us. I woke up about 4:30 AM with the dog asleep on my back - very uncomfortable. So I feel like I've been awake FOREVER today. I hate getting up too early. I was all groggy from the Lunesta I'd taken the night before, too. I kept yawning in church, which was sort of embarrassing. October is Stewardship month in our church, the month when they try to guilt everyone in to increasing the amount they put in the collection plate each week. We had a guest speaker instead of our regular pastor, and he was *totally* into his sermon today. Our regular guy is pretty laid back, but this guy - whew, was he excited.

Hubby's taken a job out of town again, so here I am, alone with the kid and two dogs (he took the Jack Russell with him today). It's so scary here at night when he's gone. Every little noise has me jumping out of my skin. I hate this house - it's just so creepy here sometimes. I don't know why - maybe I'm just crazy. We had someone break in once about 11 years ago, and I never really got over it. We've got an alarm installed, but now the damn back door won't close all the way, so I can't even set the stupid alarm. Good thing I have a German Shepherd and a gun. Of the two, I think the dog is more useful - I know if anyone did come in, all I have to do is let the dog loose and the bad guy is, well, dog food. The dog is getting on in years - she's almost 11 - but she is still very protective and she has all of her teeth ;-)

I forgot to set my alarm clock back, and took my night-time pills an hour too early. It is becoming increasingly difficult to type - I keep having to backspace over random typoes in every sentence. So I guess now is a good time to sign off...if you haven't set your clock back, do it now, or you're gonna be an hour early for work...


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