Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well, the headache is finally gone

I've had a headache off and on since Sunday morning, but it's finally gone. I think I've just been smoking too many cigarettes and not getting enough sleep. I halved my Zyprexa dose a few days ago (that's the pill that makes it so easy to gain weight), and ever since, I've had this weird metallic taste in my mouth. Probably because I'm cutting coated tablets in half, I guess. I don't really notice any more side effects from lowering the Effexor, though the first few days were rocky, so I'm lowering it again Saturday, when I start on 2 capsules a day. I haven't had any signs of mania (except some insomnia, which I've had my whole life), nor is my usual depression any worse. I can live with that.

I do have sleeping problems, but I've had 'em for as long as I can remember. When I finally do get to sleep, I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time. It just takes me forever to fall asleep. I get sleepy really early in the evening, and if I went to bed, I'd fall asleep in a heartbeat, but then I'd be awake again by midnight. So I stay up, and the sleepiness passes, and I wind up being up til midnight or later. Benadryl helps, but it makes me feel a little hungover in the morning.


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