Monday, June 27, 2005

Another nice surprise on Saturday...

Hubby left, drove 3 hours to work, did his job, then drove 3 hours to come home. So I had him 2 nights in a row, when I didn't expect to have any time with him at all. It was very nice. We didn't really do anything special but go to church together. Next weekend will be my weekend to visit him, unless he's got to work all day. If he's working, we'll just stay home.

I can't believe how boring my life is these days. It's hard to be interesting when you are flat broke. I just go to work, go to the grocery, sit at the computer...that's about it. The days all sort of blend together with nothing significant to distinguish them from one another (except for hubby's surprise visits!).

I've been playing the Sims 2 University a lot lately. I've played a sorority house for so long that I've graduated about a dozen Sim chicks - now there is an acute shortage of weener in my Sims' home neighborhood. Gonna have to play the frat house and get some guys graduated so my Sim chicks can have some guy friends. This will probably be the high point of my week - helping imaginary women get laid. Oh, I need a life.


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