Saturday, February 26, 2005

Not myself this week at all

I don't usually mind the medication, but for some reason the sight of all those prescription bottles really pissed me off today. My husband would have a cow if I just flushed it all, and I'd probably have seizure or something if I went cold turkey. But sometimes I really wonder if I am bipolar at all. I never had manic episode until I was given a mood stabilizer for a severe depression. I can't tell if the drugs are helping, or causing the problem. This is such a pain. And soon I may find myself without insurance, or seeking private insurance. I'm sure the underwriters are gonna have a ball with my medical history. Oh well, nothing I can do about it except fret, and I do enough of that for other things.

PS If you really need to gain weight in a hurry, just ask for some Zyprexa. I have to live on a starvation diet just to maintain my weight, and I'd much rather be losing - this isn't exactly the weight I want to maintain ;-)


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